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Open energy market of the Future

We successfully commercially deployed SunContract in the EU in April 2018, 5000+ registered users!

SunContract is a blockchain based company that is pioneering the decentralisation of the energy sector - tailoring it to maximize the welfare of the common man, rather than utilities. Our company’s business model directly connects energy customers (producers and consumers of electricity) in an open energy marketplace, allowing for P2P electricity trading to occur efficiently between the involved parties, without the need for an intermediary. Our customers on the SunContract platform range from residential households, to commercial faciltites as well as industrial-scale businesses. Through the platform, electricity consumers in Slovenia - EU are currently witnessing electricity cost reductions while supporting local producers of renewable energy. Local producers or renewable energy are also experiencing increased profits by selling their surpluses on the SunContract P2P energy marketplace.

SunContract Receives Funding from the EU's European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The SunContract Project continues to receive backing years after successfully completing its Token Sale in August 2017. More recently, the project has received a $2,300,000 USD grant from the European Union's European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for a Research and Development project that will introduce artificial intelligence and automated trading on the SunContract platform. The project will be ongoing for the next 3 years, and its aim is to concretely show the positive business effects of blockchain technology and P2P energy trading, when upgraded with automated trading based on Artificial Intelligence.


Reducing the reliance of energy customers on fossil fuels is a major focus of SunContract’s efforts to mitigate climate change. By using renewable energy and buying energy self-sufficiency products from the SunContract platform, you can now back a community of small, local power producers and contribute towards a more sustainable environment for our future generations. Users on the SunContract platform can select exactly which sources of energy they prefer to use.


At SunContract, we believe that the best way to make our energy system more efficient is by empowering individuals to take control of where their energy comes from. We do this through tokenizing energy which introduces a new contracting mechanism amongst energy producers and consumers where producers can receive payment more promptly, and it opens up the green energy market to a wider range of stakeholders so that new energy projects do not solely depend on local customers and investors in an open platform.


Just like an open market economy, suppliers seek the highest possible price, keeping their costs and profit in consideration, and consumers choose the lowest price possible based on their needs and renewable energy preferences. Where the supply and demand bids are matching, a trade occurs. SunContract producers are able to directly trade electricity with energy consumers on the marketplace in order to achieve a win-win in terms of increased savings and profit.


Blockchains are distributed data structures that can securely store digital transactions without using a central point of authority. The disruptive nature of blockchain particularly lies in its ability to replace top-down control with consensus and also in the underlying philosophy of distributed consensus, open source, transparency and community-based decision-making. SunContract's use of blockchain technology results in a more transparent auditing system for energy customers and automation of energy agreements and transactions settlement system through smart contracts.

SunContract P2P Energy Marketplace

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